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New Hampshire Republican Wins State Legislature Nomination On Tiebreaker

September 16, 2022

What happens when two candidates tie in a primary in New Hampshire and neither of them wants a recount?

That scenario played out this week.

After the polls closed in Conway, New Hampshire on Tuesday, September 13, two Republican candidates for state representative each received 445 votes in New Hampshire House District 1:  Mike DiGregorio and Mark Hounsell.

To break the tie, lots were drawn at the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s office.

The state does this by using a leather bottle with numbered wooden balls. Each candidate picks a ball, the balls are placed in the bottle, and the bottle is shaken up. The first ball to roll out of the bottle determines the winner.

As a result, DiGregorio won the primary.

“I said before, and I’ll say it again, Mark’s a great guy, and I would have supported him 110 percent,” DiGregorio told The Conway Daily Sun. “It is it is what it is. We had a nice gentlemen’s agreement not to waste time with a recount.”

DiGregorio picked Number 4 and Hounsell, Number 3. 

It’s not the first time DiGregorio has had numbers go in his favor; 35 years ago, he won about $1 million in a lottery, according to The Conway Daily Sun

Hounsell still has no plans to ask for a recount.

“The process works. I congratulate Mike DiGregorio on his victory,” Hounsell told The Conway Daily Sun. “I will continue to find ways to help my town, state, and nation. I sincerely thank the many people who trusted me with their vote. This specific event highlights the power that is in each and every vote. I pray the day will come when the apathetic, disengaged and lazy will wake up to this truth and begin acting like the dutiful Americans we are all called to be.”


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