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New Hampshire’s Republican Trifecta Could Be Good For Immigration Policy, Immigration-Restrictionist Group Says

November 23, 2020

The Federation for American Immigration Reform sees some positive opportunities in New Hampshire since the state’s Republican Party not only re-elected Governor Chris Sununu, but won control of the House of Representatives and Senate in the state.

“Over the past two years, Gov. Sununu set a record by vetoing at least 79 bills sent to him by the Democrat-controlled legislature,” the immigration-restrictionist group wrote. “While we expected that he would have vetoed open-borders bills, he never even got the chance. The bills to undermine our nation’s immigration laws, like the one to grant driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, didn’t even reach his desk.”

“With Republicans in complete control of the state, New Hampshire has a good chance to introduce and advance anti-sanctuary legislation in 2021,” the group concluded.



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