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NYC Commute For Connecticut Residents Could Be A Thing Of The Past

May 14, 2020

For Connecticut residents, a commute to New York City could soon be obsolete, the state’s governor says.

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont, a Democrat, said that CEOs of large companies have been telling him that they could cut their costs by as much as 30 percent if they capitalized on telecommuting rather than using physical office spaces.

During the coronavirus lockdown, some of these businesses have realized they can run just as well with everyone working from home.

“The old idea of the commuter going into New York City five days a week may be an idea that’s behind us,” Lamont told Bloomberg. “Maybe you have a great job that seems to be geographically located in New York City, you can do it two-thirds of the time from your home in Stamford.”

As of 2017, about 43,000 people had jobs that commuted from New York City to Connecticut — many of which were high-paying positions.

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