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Old Tomb Opened But No One’s Home

August 4, 2022

Volunteers opened up an old tomb in the western Massachusetts town of Savoy this week and found … nothing.

The piled-stones structure ill that dates from before 1820 was probably once used to store bodies during the winter until the ground thawed and a proper grave could be dug, town officials told The Berkshire Eagle.

But its position and appearance on Route 116 in Savoy have drawn queries for decades from puzzled passersby.

A school that once stood across the street from the cemetery was once known as Tomb School, as was a successor school up the street, until residents decided to change the name to Cherry Hill, a local resident told the newspaper.

She also told The Berkshire Eagle that her father when he was a teen-ager during the 1920s once locked a frilly-dress-wearing teacher inside the tomb in the cemetery.

Savoy is a town of about 645 people on Route 2 in Berkshire County, one town south of Vermont and two towns east of New York.

Volunteers are taking part in a masonry restoration project to shore up the structure.


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