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Stephen Lynch A Possibility for a Putative Biden Administration

November 18, 2020

Could Massachusetts Congressman Stephen Lynch (D-South Boston) end up in former vice president Joe Biden’s presidential administration?

It’s a possibility.

While President Donald Trump is still contesting the November 2020 presidential election, Biden is preparing to take over the executive branch of the federal government in January 2021.

“There’s some increasing chatter about whether Rep. Stephen Lynch could be a choice for postmaster general in President-elect Joe Biden’s administration,” Politico reports.

Lynch, who represents Massachusetts’s Eighth Congressional District, has been a member of Congress since 2001. He represents a safe Democratic district.

Additionally, it’s possible that Massachusetts will lose a U.S. House seat starting in the 2022 election cyle due to the districts being apportioned by state population every decade following the U.S. Census, so Politico notes that Lynch stepping down and joining a Biden administration could be a way to ensure that all the other members of the U.S. House from Massachusetts don’t have to run against another incumbent for re-election.



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