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Suspected Opioid Addict Robs Restaurant While Trump Is In Town Talking About Opioids

The downtown restaurant of a newly elected alderman in Manchester, New Hampshire got burglarized in broad daylight Monday when the cash register was briefly left unattended.

A suspicious man lurking waited for a staff member at Mint Bistro to go downstairs  and then smashed the register and fled with cash, the restaurant owner said.

It happened around the time President Donald Trump made an appearance a few blocks away to announce his plan to deal with opioids.

“It’s definitely unsettling, but certainly not too much of a surprise,” restaurant owner and alderman Tim Baines told The Union Leader. “There’s a lot of issues going on downtown right now with the drug epidemic. I think if you walked up and down Elm Street and talked with every restaurant owner they would probably have a story very similar to this, if not some even worse.”



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