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Vermont Governor Unhappy People Don’t Like His State’s Whites-Last Vaccination Policy

April 6, 2021

Did you not agree with Vermont Republican Governor Phil Scott’s decision to give non-white people preference when it came to getting the coronavirus vaccine?

Well, then, he may think you’re racist. 

Scott’s administration announced last week that all non-white residents of the state could sign up for vaccine appointments at a time when, generally speaking, whites had to be 50 years old or older to get one — unless they had health problems or were a frontline worker.

Scott put out a press release on the matter decrying the “racist response” to the policy.

“Unfortunately, the legacy of racism in America, and in Vermont, still drives a lot of anger and fear,” Scott said. “Recently, my office, the Health Department and those hardworking individuals getting us vaccinated, have been subjected to vitriolic and inappropriate comments in social media and other forums regarding this decision.

“This too is unacceptable,” he added. “And it is evidence that many Americans, and many Vermonters, still have a lot to learn about the impacts of racism in our country and how it has influenced public policy over the years.”



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