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Vote Trump, Vote Racism, Connecticut Newspaper Says

October 20, 2020

A vote for President Donald Trump is a vote for racism, a Connecticut newspaper says.

“… [Y}ou can’t support Trump without supporting the racism that forms the bedrock of his political persona,” said The Hartford Courant, a daily newspaper in the state’s capital, in an editorial Sunday, October 18.

The article is ostensibly addressed to Trump-leaning voters who support the president because of his policies on taxes, regulations, abortion, or other matters.

The 1,725-word editorial endorsing Joe Biden links Trump with the history of racism in America, starting with slavery and including segregation and lynchings. It uses the word “racism” 12 times and the word “racist” four times.

“… Donald Trump doesn’t just exploit racism, he revels in it. … Trump doesn’t simply mine the racial divide for political advantage, he treats it like a worldview to be celebrated and adored,” the newspaper’s editorial states. “And the sad truth of America is that there are plenty of people ready to revel in racism along with him.”

It also ascribes opposition to President Barack Obama’s administration to “seething” people “who’d been disaffected by the election of a Black president.”

Trump has disrupted the country with many “misdeeds,” the newspaper says, adding.

“Joe Biden, by contrast, is the beacon of sanity this nation desperately needs right now.”



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