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What Is This Boy Throwing A Snowball At?

One clue that the reporter didn’t grow up around here is the suggestion that a high school boy throwing a snowball on a sidewalk by Massachusetts Avenue in Arlington sometime in the 1970s is throwing it at a person.

“What we don’t know is who this boy is throwing a snow ball at. The person, whoever it is, is outside of the frame. Based on where he’s looking, they may even be across the street,” the Arlington Advocate story accompanying the photo says.

If you want to check out the photo, click on the story link.

But if you don’t want to make that much of a commitment …

Here’s a clue:

The kid is standing on the sidewalk facing the street, with snowball in hand, about to throw it in the direction of the street, which is way too wide to throw a snowball across and an unlikely place for a fellow pedestrian to be, as there’s no crosswalk in sight and Mass. Ave. is often pretty busy.

If you grew up around here, perhaps you know the answer …

What on earth could he be aiming at?



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