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Baby Dies Thanks To Hipster Parents. Arrest Them.

A seven-month-old baby is dead thanks to his gluten-hating parents … and now that the court documents are coming out, it’s safe to say these hippies should spend the rest of their days in prison thinking about how they killed their child.

Here’s the story.

The mother and father run a natural food store in Belgium.  They insisted on putting their kid Lucas on an “alternative diet” from birth that included quinoa milk, despite doctors’ warnings that it wasn’t safe.

That diet lead to him being half the expected weight for his age – weighing less than 9.5 pounds when he died.

Court documents have been released showing that the baby was gasping for air in his final days … but the parents didn’t bring him for help.  The autopsy revealed he was dehydrated and his stomach was completely empty.

According to prosecutors, the parents diagnosed their own child as being gluten intolerant and allergic to lactose – despite the fact that they didn’t bring him to a doctor.  In fact, in his final days, they decided to bring him to a homeopathic doctor on the other side of the country while the boy was starving instead of going to the nearest hospital.

The parents defended themselves, saying they never brought him to a doctor because they “never noticed anything unusual.”  Their lawyer say they thought he had an eating problem.

Yes.  He had an eating problem.  He wasn’t being fed.

He also had a horrible-parent problem.

People seem to think they know best these days.  They are riding the wave of “gluten, soy, lactose, and everything edible free” diets because Instagram told them it’s good for them.

Because their friends on Snapchat said it’s good for your skin.

Because on Twitter they saw an article about how it’s what all of the smart, healthy liberals do.

Guess what?

ANY diet can kill you – regardless of whether it’s 10 pounds of bacon per day or a pile of nothing but kale.

If you want to screw up your own body, fine.

But if your self-diagnosing, narcissistic self wants to determine what’s in the best health of your child WITHOUT consulting with a doctor … and your child suffers or dies as a result … then THAT, my friends, is child abuse and you deserve to be locked up and lose your child (if he’s still alive).

Enough is enough.

Kyle S. Reyes is President and CEO of The Silent Partner Marketing. He’s also an acclaimed keynote speaker on entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, and social media. You can follow him on Facebook.