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Poems: Ton of pain and A calling

Ton of pain

There’s a great big ton of pain hanging in the air;
it hasn’t an official name, but its nature is despair.

It hasn’t got a name yet, because people just can’t bear;
to hear that these abortions, are really just not fair.

It isn’t fair to God’s great plan of loving into life;
and creating whom He chooses, through a man and through his wife.

The ton of pain is in the air, within these men and women;
they suffer unbelievably, but their thoughts won’t let them know it.

Their adrenal glands are busy coping with the stress;
but they get tired of covering up for this ungodly mess.

So people get depressed and distract their haunted hearts;
until they come to a screeching halt, and land in God’s great lap.

A calling

A calling comes in whispers
soft and loud.
A thought is heard,
stands out among the rest.
It registers as “that makes sense to me”
and then it comes again, eventually.
The birth has taken place.
The thought is born.
Arrival brings excitement,
joy’s embrace.
For this wee thought
has really long been known,
Deep in the womb of God
within my soul.

This whisper comes again
it feels so good.
Its visit makes me warm
I feel at home.
It brings together much of who I am
and brings me to the fireside of love.

As I receive this whisper
and embrace it when it comes
It gathers other whispers
that enlarge the very first one.
They’re all pieces to a puzzle
that my heart’s been longing for
The whispers are from God Himself
inviting me his child.

He knows me, He created me
He formed me in the womb,
He carried me along the way
into this place I have no fear.
He knows my thoughts my life events
my struggles and my pain,
Even when I stand or sit
and what’s inside my brain.

So we’ll watch and see what happens
as these thoughts start growing up.
Perhaps a tree to heal men’s souls
could grow from one wee thought.

© Joan Pendergast, 2012

Joan Pendergast founded and ran After Abortion Helpline, Inc., in Rhode Island, for 20 years, and helped develop and run Project Rachel and Rachel’s Vineyard Retreats for the Diocese of Providence. Joan is the author of “Markings of Mercy: The Story of After Abortion Helpline.”