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This Cop Watched A Girl Die And It Changed Everything

It’s not often I cry.  Especially not in front of grown men.

But a couple of months ago my eyes got really hot … while sipping cocktails in a Greek restaurant outside of Miami.

I was filming with Sergeant Frank Danysh. He’s a 25-year veteran of Boynton Beach Police Department.

He told me the story about how he responded to a car accident and found a teen-age girl who appeared to be pregnant.

Turns out she wasn’t pregnant. Her distended stomach from impact during the crash was just a clue … that she was dying.

It’s one of many stories Sergeant Danysh shared with me about what inspired him to start Adopt A Cop USA.

AACUSA is an organization of police officers, community activists, parents, teachers, business owners, and young people who want to improve relationships by joining forces to help protect kids.

Tough to find a much more noble cause than that, isn’t it?

The group started in Florida but has spread out all across the country. They mentor children and young adults with the help of volunteers, businesses, organizations and school systems … strengthening the trust and bonds between kids and cops.

From fishing tournaments, boating, nature walks, and sports competitions to meet-and-greets with police dogs, it’s a spectacular program that ACTUALLY has an impact on the lives of kids.

You can learn more about them here.

And if you’d like to watch Sergeant Frank’s interview with me, you can see it here. 

Sometimes the greatest impact we can have on society … is one child at a time.

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