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THIS Should End The Debate Over Transgenders And The Military.  Or Not.

The Left is in complete meltdown over President Donald Trump’s ban on transgenders in the military.

Gee.  There’s a surprise.  The President could have saved the life of a dying puppy and the Left would still go insane.

But my good friend and conservative thought leader Robyn Kenney has pointed out an incredible paradox in the narrative of the Left that nobody can seem to address.

 Here it is, from Robyn herself:

There are 2 schools of thought from progressive liberals in regards to gender that are VERY conflicting.

 The left says:


  1. Gender is just a social concept:  i.e. it doesn’t matter what sex you are, society decided for us that girls wear dresses and guys wear suits, etc. Society “forces” men and women to speak, act, dress differently.
  2. Transgenders need physical altering treatments: My “brain” feels like a boy/girl, so I have to change my physiology and appearance to match those inclinations. Many parents of trans kids say “he always wanted to wear girls clothes” etc., so “I knew he was really a girl by the time he was 5” (think that show, “I am Jazz”) 

Then why does “feeling like a girl” make a boy need to change his sex?

If gender is a social concept, then perhaps society is to blame for transgenderism — if we let boys wear dresses there would not be a problem! No need for surgery!!

If it’s about sexual organs, then that also negates the first point that gender norms are illusions, simply created by society

I’m not even going to go into the huge fiscal and managerial implications of transgenders in the military.  I WILL point out that if you have mental disorders, you’re fat, you’re covered in tats and piercings on your face or a variety of other things you would not be allowed in the military.

I’ll also point out that if the military found out that a guy was injecting himself with testosterone to bulk up, he’d be in serious trouble.  And we’re all O.K. with that.  But taking testosterone to “transition”?  Apparently we’re supposed to PAY for that.

I’ll just leave you with thoughts from a wise man.  Carl Higbie, a former Navy SEAL and a fellow Whiskey Patriot, put it very simply on Fox News last night:

“This is not a social experiment. The military is there to defend the United States.”


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