Head of Massachusetts Teachers Association calls for statewide safe-space day

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NORTHAMPTON — Barbara Madeloni, head of the Massachusetts Teachers Association, has called on union members to join together to make Nov. 22 a day to “let students and parents know that love trumps hate, that we welcome all students and their families, and that we will provide places of safety in our classrooms, schools and colleges.”

The safe-space declaration came roughly a week after Republican Donald Trump claimed the presidency.

“From college campuses to elementary schools, organize to declare your buildings and campuses safe spaces,” Madeloni wrote.“Next Tuesday, please welcome your students to school with signs of love and support that speak to how we cherish their differences and how we will protect their right to be themselves, to feel safe and in charge of their bodies and identities, and to tell their stories.”

Read a copy of Madeloni’s letter:

Trump Hate With Love, Make Safe Spaces, Opt Out – November 15, 2016 by Evan on Scribd