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AOC Vouches For Ed Markey In Campaign’s Latest Commercial

July 30, 2020

Ed Markey’s campaign is trying to portray the U.S. senator as the yet-more progressive candidate in his Democratic primary battle against U.S. Representative Joseph P. Kennedy III.

The plan? Enlist the help of U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a democratic socialist.

Markey’s campaign has a new commercial out that centers on AOC touting Markey’s credentials.

“The problems we are facing today of systemic injustice and inequality require strong progressive leaders,” she says. “And Ed Markey is that champion. He was an original cosponsor of Medicare-for-all. He co-authored the Green New Deal with me last year. He’s a stalwart champion for racial justice. When it comes to progressive leadership, it’s not your age that counts. It’s the age of your ideas, and Ed Markey is the leader that we need.”

The commercial in full is below.




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