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Democratic Incumbent Jared Golden Holds Big Lead In Maine’s Second District Poll

October 29, 2020

Could a Republican win back the second congressional district in Maine? The polls don’t make it seem like a likely occurrence.

Incumbent U.S. Representative Jared Golden (D-Maine) holds a commanding 25-point lead over his Republican challenger Dale Crafts in the most recent poll put out by Colby College. In it, Golden had 56 percent support and Crafts had 31 percent.

The poll found Golden dominating with older voters. In the over 65 vote, he polled at 66 percent support while Crafts only had 26 percent. In fact, Craft polled better with the 18 to 34 crowd (38 percent) than he did with the elderly; Golden had 48 percent support from the 18 to 34 group.

Golden flipped the seat to the Democrats in the 2018 race, unseating then-Congressman Bruce Poliquin, a Republican. Poliquin received more first-place voters than Golden in the race, but lost because of ranked-choice voting.



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