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Several States Getting Ready for Post-Roe World, Asking Voters About Abortion

Gender-Neutral Baby Names All the Rage

Abortion In Ireland, Euthanasia in Portugal?

Bill Nye the Science Guy Touts Planned Parenthood As Antidote To Overpopulation

Amazon Bars Christian Group From Charity Program Because Southern Poverty Law Center Says So

Facebook To ‘Dial Up’ Suppression of News Outlets It Doesn’t Like

John Wilkes Booth the Leonardo DiCaprio of His Day?

Liz Warren All-In For Texas Democrat Taking On Ted Cruz

Massachusetts Preschool Tells Kids They Can’t Say ‘Best Friend’

Feds Acknowledge Fake-Cell-Tower Surveillance Technology

Anderson Cooper Cops Out On Stormy Daniels’ Credibility: ‘Viewers Can Make Up Their Own Mind’

Trump Hits China With $60 Billion in Trade Penalties Over Intellectual Property Theft

Congress Talks Tough To Facebook For Exposing User Data But Hasn’t Issued Subpoenas

Southern Poverty Law Center Apologizes for Article Linking U.S. Left-Wingers To Russia

Elizabeth Warren Is Livid That Congress Is Dismantling Obama’s Regulatory Legacy

Women’s March Flies Into Damage Control Over Farrakhan Ties

Facebook Is STILL ‘Fact Checking’ Christian Satire Article After Saying It Was A ‘Mistake’

The Supreme Court Just Issued Its Decision On Trump’s DACA Appeal

House Intel Committee Releases Democrats’ Dossier Memo

Illegal Immigrant Arrests Way Up Under Trump

NRA ‘Trained’ Florida School Shooter? No — But Don’t Tell Mainstream Media That

Mueller Indictment Shows Russian Trolls Also Promoted Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein

Report: Police Showed Up To Shooter’s House 39 Times Since 2010

Marco Rubio Cautions Against Pushing Gun Control Before Knowing All The Facts

Horrific First Person Video Shows Students Stepping Around Bodies While Fleeing School

Report: CIA Gave $100k To Russian Dirt On Trump, Including The Sex Video

The Obama DOJ’s Long History Of Politicization

Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl QB Wants To Become A Pastor After He’s Done With Football

North Korean Defectors Tell Trump Their Stories At White House

‘Americans Are Dreamers Too’: Trump Offers Unapologetic Defense Of Immigration Enforcement

20-Weeks Abortion Restriction Fails in U.S. Senate

Tanker With Russian Liquefied Natural Gas Set To Land in Everett — Sanctions or No Sanctions

Trump’s EPA: Fake Science Used To Ban Popular Pesticide

New England About To Get Liquefied Natural Gas From Unusual Source

Senate Votes To End Filibuster, Halting Three-Day Government Shutdown

Elizabeth Warren Among Handful Of Senators Donating Salary During Government Shutdown

Poll: So Far, Republicans Getting Most Of The Blame For Shutdown

Mitt Says He’s Running — Privately

Twitter Says Employees Were Openly Speaking Of Censorship ‘In A Personal Capacity,’ Not For Company

Daily Caller: Cost Overruns “Skyrocketing” At New Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Headquarters

Clarence Thomas Felt Comfortable With English Only ‘In the Late 1980s’

Data Shows Natural Disaster Costs Are Not Proof Of Global Warming

Elizabeth Warren Has Raised An Absurd Amount Of Cash

Trump Really Is Draining The Swamp

Critics of Berlin ‘Safe Zone’ for Women Say It Discriminates Against Muslims

Unsealed Court Documents Suggest Prosecutors Withheld Evidence in Oregon Rancher Clive Bundy Trial

Anglican Bishop: Pro-Trump Evangelicals Giving Movement A Bad Name

Canada: Santa’s Moving To South Pole Because of Global Warming

Senate Now Wondering If Jill Stein Colluded With Russia

Pennsylvania Governor Vetoes Anti-Dismemberment-Abortion Bill

Charlottesville Police Chief Resigns Over Botched Rally

Entire Family Identifies As Transgender

More Abortion Clinics Face Suspension Over Health Codes

NYC Terror Suspect: ‘Trump, You Failed To Protect Your Nation’

Campus Coffee Shop Kicks Out Trump-Supporting Students; See Video

Navy Trolls Army Over Commie West Point Grad

Rhodes Scholar: Program Censoring Non-Left-Wing Views

South Korea May Legalize Abortions

Trump Slams Consumer Financial Protection Bureau As ‘Total Disaster,’ Liz Warren Responds

Former Trump Campaign Manager Turns Himself Over To FBI

FACT CHECK: Did The CIA Director Call The Trump Dossier The ‘Foundation’ Of The Russia Investigation?

Lynn Coffee Shop Closes After Backlash Against Anti-Cop Facebook Posts

Former Hillary Clinton Strategist Refutes Claims That $100,000 Had Huge Impact On Election

ACLU Remains Quiet On Gay Owner Who Kicked Out Christians From Seattle Coffee Shop

Massachusetts Museum Replaces Dr. Seuss Mural Due To A ‘Jarring Racial Stereotype’

House Passes Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

Politicians And Journalists Lambaste ‘Thoughts And Prayers’ Sentiments

NFL KNEELING SAGA: Brockton Public Official In Trouble Over Racially-Tinged Social Media Comments

McCain May Have Killed Republicans’ Last Chance To Repeal Obamacare

Clinton: The Idea That Lynch Was Compromised Is ‘Outrageous And Insulting’

One Of The Strongest Atlantic Hurricanes Ever Formed Is Barreling Towards Florida

Reporters in the Middle of Charlottesville Chaos:  Where Were the Cops?

At Least Three Dead In Charlottesville Following Weekend Carnage

Here’s A List Of The 5 Biggest NY Times Screw Ups This Year

ACLU Puts On Hold Challenge To Trump Request for Voter Information in New Hampshire

Linda Sarsour Defends Her Use Of Jihad, Blames Conservative Media

No Lone Wolf in London Terror Attacks

Report: Suicide Bomber Attacked Concert in Manchester, England

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