CEO Shreds Entitled Millennial Attitudes (And More)

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Q: As you look at the incoming workforce, what shifts have you seen happening?

“Evan, as I look at the incoming workforce, I see an entitled generation. Listen man, you know it, I know it, I’m a millennial, you’re a millennial, we’re some of the good ones, because we’re willing to actually work for a living. But you see kids — and this is why I rolled out the Snowflake Test, man — I had to create it because people were coming in here and applying for a job and not even knowing what we do for work.”

“They came in expecting to make $100,000 a year and get five weeks paid vacation their first year. Why? Because their liberal gender studies professor told them that they’re entitled to that, that they don’t have to work for that. Little Johnny-boy was told that he could be the president, but I’ve said this before and I’d say this again, Little Johnny is not going to be president, Little Johnny is eating glue sticks.”

“If we tell Little Johnny that he can be president all we’re doing is setting Little Johnny up for failure.

Q: So what do you see coming out of this generation? Surely not everyone is like Little Johnny.

“I see a generation that is rising that expects everything is going to be handed to them, and the problem is, Evan, that you and I both know that this makes all millennials look bad. For every lousy, whiny, entitled little snowflake there are a dozen other millennials that are going to out-hustle everybody else. And yet people have this perception that all millennials are whiny and entitled because the whiny and entitled ones just have a really big mouthpiece that our parent’s generation didn’t have.”

Q: And that would be…

“That’s social media. If we stereotype and generalize an entire generation because of this core group of whiners, then we’re all doomed.”

Q: You’re in the middle of a campaign to donate $500,000 to police and first responders. Why?

“Originally we came up with this campaign to donate $250,000 in services to police to tell the stories behind the badges. As I mentioned earlier, I was just sick and tired of seeing all of these attacks on the men and women who serve and protect.”

Q: I’m thinking that didn’t go over well with some people?

“And then we had all of these people come out and say that we’re horrible people for supporting ‘pigs’ and ‘killers’ and so they were going to be boycotting us.”

Q: Boycotting you? How do they plan on doing that? You run a marketing company. You sell publicity. Wouldn’t this be something that could backfire?

“It’s pretty funny, because the people who said they were going to be boycotting us aren’t ever going to be running businesses where they would use our services, much less ever get jobs and come out of mommy and daddy’s basement. So we turned around and doubled-down on our donations. We’re donating $500,000 of services to police, veterans and other first responders to share their stories.

Q: So what’s the message you’re trying to convey here?

“It is time for the adults to be back in charge. It is time to show that we should be supporting the men and women who fight for our country. We should be supporting the men and women who kiss their children goodbye every single day and go out and are willing to take a bullet for a stranger to protect people that they don’t even know.”

“They kiss their kids goodbye and they don’t even know if they’ll be able to come back home and see them, and here we are convicting them in the court of public opinion. Enough is enough. That’s why we’re donating these services to first responders.”

Q: What’s the support been like so far?

“It’s been so encouraging seeing men and women standing and rising and finally standing behind these people (first responders) again. It is so great to see that we have this campaign going on nationally — where people are doing push-ups to bring awareness to people with PTSD and to the number of suicides that are happening with our veterans every single day.

Q: Are you happier with the mood in this country these days, as opposed to a year ago?

“I really believe that we are in a day where  people are throwing their support where it should be once again. I know I keep harping on this, but Evan, the adults are back in charge.”

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