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10 Times Stephen Colbert Was Way More Offensive Than a Crude Putin Joke

Late night comedy darling Stephen Colbert is in some hot water for a (potentially) obscene joke he made recently about President Donald Trump. He referred to the President’s relationship with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin in … shall we say, R-rated terms. The Federal Communications Commission, which allows humor classified as “obscene” to be aired after 10 p.m., is reviewing the comments to see if Colbert crossed the line.

Granted, it’s nearly impossible to violate the FCC’s definition of “obscene” but let’s not pretend Colbert hasn’t crossed the lines of respect and decency before.  Here are 10 examples …



Naughty Pope

Colbert, who often likes to talk on the air about his devotion to his Catholic faith, dressed as the Pope, and issued apologies for supposed sins of the Catholic church. Most of it was lighthearted, just a little religious satire — and really the fare at church dinners should be apologized for — but then there was the bit about Catholic weddings, which are a sacrament in the Church, complete with a crude hand gesture to demonstrate the bride and groom were probably already “doing it.” That was coarse, but even worse was when he, still speaking as the Pope, said that he had his “eye on the maid of honor” and that she would “catch more than a bouquet tonight”… Be better, Colbert.