Vaccine Mandate-Mongers May Be Forcing Black and Latino Teachers Out Of Boston Public Schools

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Left-of-center authoritarians pushing a vaccine mandate for city workers in Boston are in a bind.

On the one hand, they want to force everyone who works for the city to get a coronavirus vaccine — and boosters, however many they say and however long they say it.

On the other hand, black and Latino teachers they say they want to retain may leave the city’s public schools because of it.

Blacks and Latinos get vaccinated at a lower rate than other racial groups. Among those blacks and Latinos are Boston public school teachers.

What’s a committed left-winger to do?

Consider an anonymous elementary school teacher in Roslindale quoted by The Boston Globe. The woman, who according to the Globe is black, is worried about the vaccine’s potential effect on her fertility, doesn’t trust pharmaceutical companies, and says that since she had a mild case of the virus in December she has antibodies and sees no need to get the vaccine.

She also is troubled by how the vaccines were developed – using cell lines derived from aborted fetuses.

In other words:  She wants to make her own medical and moral decisions.

And where is her reasoning wrong?

The Boston Globe news story painstakingly (and unpersuasively) seeks to correct the woman on various points of fact. But the story doesn’t even bother to rebut her concern about fertility. Since nobody knows the long-term effects of the vaccines, nobody can answer that question.

Does anybody of any political persuasion think she’s wrong not to trust pharmaceutical companies?

And if she had coronavirus recently … well, she has a high degree immunity from a virus that for the vast majority of people results in the equivalent of a nasty cold.

As for her moral concerns, the Boston Globe story claims that her stance goes against “many prominent organizations that oppose abortion finding the vaccines to be ethically uncontroversial.”

Actually, organizations that oppose abortion are horrified by the way pharmaceutical companies went about making (in one case) and testing (in all cases) the coronavirus vaccines. But some also reason that taking one of the morally tainted vaccines can be justified given that the act of getting vaccinated isn’t directly related to the long-ago abortions and given the perceived public health crisis the vaccines are supposed to address.

That’s an interesting moral reasoning seminar we can engage in another time. The point here, though, is that no one can judge this woman’s conscience, which she appears to have spent some time and effort forming.

And isn’t this decision hers?

As you’ll learn if you read the story, race-obsessed government officials, academics, and union leaders are distraught at the possibility of losing this woman (and others in like situations) from the Boston Public Schools not because she is a valued employee but because of the color of her skin.

We mourn her loss because the people who are supposed to defend her freedom are taking it away.


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