After Marathon Sessions, Here Are The 64 Bills Awaiting Charlie Baker’s Action

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By Colin Young
State House News Service

As they closed the blinds, flipped their office calendars to September and took off for an August recess early Monday morning, the House and Senate left Gov. Charlie Baker with a whole heap of work to do before he can even think about an August breather.

Here is a list of the bills on Baker’s desk as of Tuesday morning. It includes 35 of the 36 bills that the Legislature enacted during the marathon session that stretched nearly 24 hours from Sunday into Monday (he quickly signed a racing and simulcasting extension to allow horse races to take place as planned Monday).

Action due dates on bills sent to the governor before Sunday are according to the governor’s office and others are based on when the Senate took the final vote to send the bill to the governor. Asterisks mark the due dates on legislation that was enacted late Sunday night and which might not have made it to Baker’s desk until Monday, August 1, potentially stretching the governor’s deadline by one day.


    • H 4901 authorizing the conveyance of a parcel of land in the town of Brewster. Action Due: Friday, August 5


    • H 4519 providing for the disposition of certain land in the town of West Brookfield. Action Due: Friday, August 5


    • H 901 protecting research animals. Action Due: Friday, August 5


    • H 3936 authorizing the use of Article ninety-seven land for roadway improvements in the town of Dunstable. Action Due: Friday, August 5


    • H 4443 relative to the alternative superannuation retirement benefit program for teachers. Action Due: Friday, August 5


    • H 4442 further regulating the enforcement of illegal hunting practices. Action Due: Friday, August 5


    • H 5065 financing the general governmental infrastructure of the Commonwealth (GGBB). Action Due: Friday, August 5


    • S 3029 authorizing the town of Middleborough to convey a certain parcel of conservation land. Action Due: Sunday, August 7


    • S 2965 establishing a sick leave bank for Michael D’Ambra, an employee of the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office. Action Due: Sunday, August 7


    • H 4832 dedicating the grove at Heritage State Park in the city of Fall River as the David Almond Grove, in honor of the late David Almond. Action Due: Sunday, August 7


    • H 4979 authorizing the Department of Conservation and Recreation and the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance to transfer an easement in certain property and the fee in certain properties to the city of Revere all for municipal purposes. Action Due: Sunday, August 7


    • H 4215 authorizing the transfer of certain land in the towns of Lee and Lenox to Edith Wharton Restoration, Inc. Action Due: Sunday, August 7


    • H 4631 relative to a conservation restriction in the town of Hanson. Action Due: Sunday, August 7


    • H 4986 authorizing the town of Barnstable to grant an easement to Park City Wind LLC. Action Due: Sunday, August 7


    • H 5045 authorizing the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance to convey certain property in the city of Malden to the city of Malden. Action Due: Sunday, August 7


    • H 5048 relative to a certain parcel of land in the town of Townsend. Action Due: Sunday, August 7


    • H 2294 granting equal access to original birth certificates to all persons born in Massachusetts. Action Due: Monday, August 8


    • H 3459 designating a certain bridge in the town of Auburn the Robert Conroy Memorial Bridge. Action Due: Monday, August 8


    • H 4332 designating a certain bridge in the town of Duxbury as the Lewis Sisters Bridge. Action Due: Monday, August 8


    • H 4333 designating a certain bridge in the town of Duxbury as the Cora Wilburn Bridge. Action Due: Monday, August 8


    • H 5049 authorizing the transfer of Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission Land in Oak Bluffs. Action Due: Monday, August 8


    • H 5104 relative to accelerating improvements to the local and regional public health system to address disparities in the delivery of public health services. Action Due: Monday, August 8


    • S 3075 relative to military spouse-licensure portability, education and enrollment of dependents (SPEED). Action Due: Monday, August 8


    • H 4900 authorizing the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance to convey certain land in the city of Lowell to the Lowell Housing Authority. Action Due: Tuesday, August 9


    • H 4250 authorizing the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority to release easements upon certain real property in the town of Canton. Action Due: Tuesday, August 9


    • H 4321 relative to the authority of the Martha’s Vineyard Commission and the town of Oak Bluffs to exchange parcels of land. Action Due: Tuesday, August 9


    • H 4946 authorizing the conveyance of easements by the city of Fitchburg to the town of Westminster. Action Due: Tuesday, August 9


    • H 4794 authorizing the town of Pepperell to convey a certain parcel of land to the Commonwealth. Action Due: Tuesday, August 9


    • H 5052 providing for diabetes management in schools. Action Due: Tuesday, August 9


    • H 4323 establishing a sick leave bank for Charles H. Bletzer, an employee of the Massachusetts Trial Court. Action Due: Wednesday, August 10


    • H 4792 to preserve special needs trusts for disabled seniors. Action Due: Wednesday, August 10


    • H 5142 relative to certain land in the town of Winchester. Action Due: Wednesday, August 10


    • H 5115 relative to HIV prevention services. Action Due: Wednesday, August 10


    • H 5123 authorizing the Health Insurance Connector Authority to implement a 2-year pilot program to extend eligibility for premium assistance payments or point-of-service cost-sharing subsidies for certain applicants. Action Due: Wednesday, August 10


    • H 5151 relative to Massachusetts’s transportation resources and climate. Action Due: Wednesday, August 10


    • S 3031 authorizing the conveyance of certain parcels of real estate between the department of conservation and recreation and the town of Holden. Action Due: Wednesday, August 10


    • S 3053 authorizing the town of Carver to transfer certain real property, including water wells and a pumping station, to the Cranberry Village Residents Association, Inc. for water supply purposes. Action Due: Wednesday, August 10


    • S 3062 authorizing the town of Billerica to transfer certain parcels of land. Action Due: Wednesday, August 10


    • H 5106 relative to the governance, structure and care of veterans at the Commonwealth’s veterans’ homes. Action Due: Wednesday, August 10


    • H 5128 to establish an incumbent health care worker certified nursing assistant (CNA) certification pilot program. Action Due: Wednesday, August 10


    • H 5130 relative to a purchase option on a University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth leased facility in New Bedford. Action Due: Wednesday, August 10


    • H 4870 relative to the appointment of special police officers in the city of Fall River. Action Due: Wednesday, August 10


    • S 3004 authorizing the commissioner of capital asset management and maintenance to lease the former Joseph Lee Pool Complex located in the city of Boston. Action Due: Wednesday, August 10*


    • S 3065 further regulating the transfer of care and control of certain parcels of land in the town of Bridgewater from the department of correction to the department of fire services. Action Due: Wednesday, August 10*


    • H 4316 establishing a Beachwood/Lenstock Maintenance District in the town of Stockbridge. Action Due: Wednesday, August 10*


    • H 4981 providing for the terms of certain bonds for transportation improvements to be issued by the Commonwealth. Action Due: Wednesday, August 10*


    • H 5060 driving clean energy and offshore wind. Action Due: Wednesday, August 10*


    • S 3096 relative to equity in the cannabis industry. Action Due: Thursday, August 11


    • H 1917 taking or transmitting images of crime victims by first responders. Action Due: Thursday, August 11


    • S 3020 authorizing the transfer of land in Templeton, Phillipston and Royalston. Action Due: Thursday, August 11


    • S 3064 authorizing the transfer of the care and control of certain parcels of land in the town of Monson. Action Due: Thursday, August 11


    • S 3073 authorizing the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance to grant easements to the town of Hubbardston for the reconstruction of the Evergreen Road bridge over Mason Brook. Action Due: Thursday, August 11


    • S 3091 authorizing the town of Nantucket to convey a certain parcel of land acquired for park purposes to the Nantucket Conservation Foundation Inc. for open space, recreational and conservation purposes. Action Due: Thursday, August 11


    • H 5155 authorizing the city of Lynn to grant a conservation restriction to park lands, forest lands and watershed lands to the Department of Conservation and Recreation and the Essex County Greenbelt Association, Inc. in Lynn, Saugus, and Lynnfield, Massachusetts. Action Due: Thursday, August 11


    • S 3090 authorizing the town of Nantucket to convey certain parcels of land acquired for conservation or recreational purposes. Action Due: Thursday, August 11


    • S 3088 relative to sustainability and resiliency in the Dorchester section of the city of Boston. Action Due: Thursday, August 11


    • H 5095 to permit the creation of a right-turn lane from Edgell road to Central street in the city of Framingham. Action Due: Thursday, August 11


    • H 5161 authorizing the town of Ayer select board to acquire a water line easement on land of the department of conservation and recreation. Action Due: Thursday, August 11


    • H 4338 relative to regular compensation for certain retirees and active retirement system members. Action Due: Thursday, August 11


    • H 5016 authorizing the town of Wellesley to grant certain licenses for the temporary sale of alcoholic beverages. Action Due: Thursday, August 11


    • H 5159 authorizing the commissioner of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance to convey a certain parcel in the Roxbury section of the city of Boston. Action Due: Thursday, August 11


    • H 5163 to improve and modernize the information technology systems and capacities of the judiciary. Action Due: Thursday, August 11


    • S 3097 addressing barriers to care for mental health. Action Due: Thursday, August 11


    • H 5164 regulating sports wagering. Action Due: Thursday, August 11


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