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Diner Patrons in Worcester Can’t Stand Elizabeth Warren, Newspaper Finds

January 5, 2019


“Is she nice?” one 8-year-old girl asked when the topic of presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren came up at the Miss Worcester Diner where she and her mother were eating.

Many people eating at diners in central Massachusetts seem to think not.

“If local diner opinion is any indication, Ms. Warren, a champion of the Democrats’ progressive wing, has her work cut out for her if she does enter the race,” reports the Worcester Telegram & Gazette.

“A little too far on the left end” and “nuts” were among the reactions a reporter recently heard when he asked about the U.S. senator.

“She won’t get past the primaries” and “I wouldn’t vote for her for dog catcher” were among the replies the Telegram & Gazette got at a diner in Spencer, just west of Worcester.

One Warren sympathizer at a diner in Shrewsbury, just east of Worcester, a 22-year-old left-wing teacher, offered one of the most encouraging statements of support the reporter heard:  “I don’t know if she’s the best candidate for the Democratic Party to run.”



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