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Donald Trump Would Beat Taylor Swift In A Landslide, UMass Lowell Poll Says

April 18, 2024

A national political poll from UMass Lowell asked a hypothetical question — and the results were overwhelming.

If Taylor Swift were the Democratic nominee for president, how would she fare?

Not well, it turns out.

In a hypothetical three-way race among Swift, former President Donald Trump, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Trump would win in a landslide, according to the poll.

The poll found that 43 percent of Americans would support Trump, 26 percent would go for Swift, and RFK Jr. would get 12 percent. Meanwhile, 7 percent would vote third party and 13 percent would be undecided.

However, a race against President Joe Biden would be more competitive, as both candidates got 42 percent support, while RFK Jr. got 7 percent, according to the poll.

A tie in the national popular vote would likely mean an electoral landslide for Trump, since Democrats roll up big margins in left-leaning large states, while Republicans win electoral votes with smaller margins in certain big states and larger margins in smaller right-leaning states.


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