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MassGOP Chairman Lays Out Vision For The State

April 13, 2024

Massachusetts Republican Party chairman Amy Carnevale laid out her party’s vision for the future this past week.

Carnevale did so in a press release issued by the MassGOP.

Here is what she said:


As the party moves forward, my focus and determination to secure victories have never been stronger. There’s a palpable shift in momentum favoring us. The Healey-Driscoll Administration, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and the Democratic supermajority are encountering a series of self-inflicted failures. From secretive legislating to falling short of revenue targets, proposing tax hikes, engaging in reckless spending, and displaying grave inaction in addressing the migrant crisis, their missteps are evident. Their progressive agenda has pushed them to extremes. In the months ahead, Republican candidates will spotlight these Democratic shortcomings and advocate for a brighter future for the Commonwealth.

We envision a Commonwealth that’s affordable and safe, where businesses and residents aren’t burdened with bailing out the government from its fiscal mismanagement. A transparent legislature where debates occur openly, not behind closed doors. A state that prioritizes practical solutions to significant challenges over political pandering. And leaders who are not afraid to confront the migrant crisis head-on. Our stance on the issues resonates, and the people of Massachusetts are prepared to support Republican candidates. 


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