Concord-Carlisle’s Anti-Racism Resources For High School Students Are Anti-Police, Anti-Voter ID, and Pro-Abortion

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What does it take to be anti-racist?

The Concord-Carlisle public school district in Massachusetts developed a detailed list on the matter earlier this year. A section on the school’s web site titled “Cultural Competency and Anti-Racism” includes a myriad of resources for students and parents. Towards the bottom of the page, there is a section titled “How to Speak to Children About Racism Resources.” 

It includes a link to an in-depth Google document called “A Collection of Anti Racism Resources” that the school put together earlier this year. At the top, the school district said, “Thanks to the many collaborative communities, educators, and students for so generously sharing resources for the benefit of our society.”

It includes seven pages of content, including articles for people to read, social media accounts for them to follow, recommended book readings, and content to watch on streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, podcasts to listen to.

In the category “More Anti-Racism Resources” the school district includes a link to a Medium article titled “103 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice”.

Here are a few examples of what the list recommends:


Write to your state representative and senator to end qualified immunity like Colorado recently did.

Call or write to your national legislators, state legislators, and governor in favor of affirmative action. Encourage friends to do the same.

Write to your state legislators to end cash bail.

Support organized efforts to end of cash bail by donating to The Bail Project

Write to your state representative and senator to ban voter ID laws, ease the voter registration process, implement early voting, and implement voting-by-mail.

Contact your high school and college/university to create a class that teaches white privilege, the subconscious nature of racism in every US institution (schools, offices, etc), use of racial stereotypes by individuals and the media, etc. This class should be mandatory for all students.

Don’t gentrify neighborhoods.


Concord-Carlisle Regional High School is a public school in Concord (about 16 miles northwest of Boston) for grades 9 through 12 that has about 1,300 students. It serves the affluent towns of Concord (population about 19,000) and Carlisle (population about 5,000).

Both towns are left-leaning. Concord voters went for Joe Biden over Donald Trump in November 2020 by 81 to 16 percent. Carlisle voters went for Biden over Trump, 76 to 21 percent.

Some of the social media accounts the Concord-Carlisle Google document recommends following advocate for abortion laws to the left of even what the most progressive states in the United States now have.

One such account is the Black Women’s Blueprint. The account called restrictions on abortion, including not having taxpayer-funded abortion, “violence.”

“Limiting the time in which a person can get an abortion isn’t the only barrier to abortion rights,” the account said in 2019. “Even progressive states perpetuate this violence by: Requiring a wait pd. Requiring parental approval. Allowing doctors to refuse. Restricting insurance covg/public funding.”

It also called a slew of pro-life laws passed by several state legislatures in May 2019 — like banning abortion once an embryo has a heartbeat — “terrorism.” 

“These draconian anti-abortion laws are not legislation — they’re terrorism against reproductive rights for a diversity of bodies that aren’t cishet male,” the account said. “We won’t stand for it!  We’re here to support those organizations leading this fight against this scourge of our rights!”

Another account the Concord-Carlisle Google document recommends is SisterSong — which is an avowed pro-abortion group.

The organization’s mission statement on its web site states:  “SisterSong’s mission is to strengthen and amplify the collective voices of indigenous women and women of color to achieve reproductive justice by eradicating reproductive oppression and securing human rights.”

SisterSong calls the Hyde Amendment — which prevents federal funding for elective abortions — “racist”/”white supremacy.” The group calls bans on sex-selective abortion “anti-immigrant” and “racist.”

SisterSong tweeted on President Joe Biden’s second day in office, “Grateful for a commitment to addressing white supremacy and advancing racial equity. Part of that must include living up to your promise, @POTUS to get rid of the racist and harmful Hyde Amendment!”

The Hyde Amendment prevents about 60,000 unborn babies from being aborted each year, according to a report published by the Charlotte Lozier Institute, which opposes abortion.

It’s one of many anti-Hyde Amendment tweets from SisterSong.

When South Dakota was set to pass a ban on sex-selective abortion in 2014, the organization tweeted, “SD’s about to pass a sex-selective abortion ban. Tell them it’s anti-woman, anti-immigrant, and anti-Asian! #SDRacism.”

Sex-selective abortion is an elective abortion, typically later in the second trimester, chosen because of the biological sex of the unborn baby. It primarily occurs in Asian countries like China, South Korea, and India, in situations where pregnant women are trying to avoid giving birth to a girl.

Sex-selective abortion deeply unpopular among the American public. A 2012 poll from the Charlotte Lozier Institute showed that 77 percent of Americans oppose it.

The Concord-Carlisle Google document also recommends that people follow Families Belong Together on Twitter.

It’s an organization that opposes efforts to deter illegal immigration and said that former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies amount to “xenophobia.”

The organization has tweeted, “No human being is illegal.” It has also tweeted, “Reasons to NOT build a wall (infinite): Immigration makes our country stronger. Seeking asylum is 100% legal. Border crossings are down. Reasons to build a wall: 0.”

The organization has also tweeted:  “There is no doubt — Trump’s 4 years of immigration policy have been rooted in racism and xenophobia. We cannot create a more caring & compassionate immigration system without addressing white supremacy and its role in our history & institutions.”

Concord-Carlisle superintendent Laurie Hunter could not be reached for comment on Thursday or Friday this week.


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