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New Hampshire Ranked Most Patriotic State

June 23, 2020

The most patriotic state in the country is in New England, according to a recent study conducted by WalletHub.

It found that New Hampshire ranked first among the 50 states in patriotism. The survey looked at military engagement and civic engagement.

Civic engagement factored in voter turnout, volunteering, participation in groups and organizations, and civics education requirements.

The study found that Republican-leaning states are, on average, more patriotic than Democratic-leaning states. The average Republican-leaning state ranked 23.73 on the list whereas the average Democratic state ranked 28.15.

Maine ranked second among New England states (15th), then Vermont (22nd), followed by Massachusetts (32nd), Rhode Island (40th), and Connecticut (43rd).

The least patriotic states on the list?

California (48th), New York (49th), and New Jersey (50th).



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