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Rhode Island State Police Encourage Cops To Take Concealed Guns With Them To Church

Captain Derek Borek of the Rhode Island State Police offered more than 100 church-goers ideas for how to stop or at least slow down an attacker in their own churches and parish halls — and told them that State Police encourage law enforcement officers to carry concealed guns with them when they go to church.

Minimizing an attack starts with planning what you would do if something happened, he said.

He told them about a time when he went to a concert with his wife at Mohegan Sun and immediately checked out the venue and came up with a plan if an attacker entered.

“You’re going to think I’m nuts — I go out for a nice night and think about death,” Borek said, according to The Providence Journal. “You’re going to think I live a scared life. I don’t. I live a prepared life.”




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