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Warren, Sanders Trail Trump In Latest Poll

December 31, 2019

If they receive the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, Massachusetts U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders may have a difficult time against incumbent President Donald Trump, one new poll suggests.

The latest Zogby Analytics Survey found the sitting president has a 50 percent approval rating, including a 42 percent approval rating among independents. It also had Trump leading against every major Democratic politician running for the 2020 nomination.

Against Senator Warren, the poll showed Trump receiving 47 percent of the vote compared to Warren’s 43 percent. Against Sanders, Zogby found the race would be closer, with Trump receiving 47 percent of the vote and Sanders getting 45 percent.

The margin of error on the polling is 3.3 percent. That means Sanders is within it, and Warren is not.

In a United States presidential election, however, winning the popular vote does not guarantee victory. The winner of the election will be whoever receives 270 electoral votes. While taking lopsided losses in deep blue states like New York and California, Trump earned 306 electoral votes in the last election despite getting only 46.1 percent of the overall vote. Former U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who lost the election, took 48.2 percent of the vote nationally, but lost badly in the Electoral College.

According to the Real Clear Politics polling average, both Sanders and Warren trail former Vice President Joe Biden in the Democratic presidential primaries.

Biden leads the pack with 28.4 percent support. Sanders is in second with 18.9 percent and Warren is in third with 15.2 percent support.

Biden also trailed Trump in the same Zogby poll:  46 percent to 45 percent.



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