MassGOP Urges People To Vote Against Pro-Hitler State Committee Candidate

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The Massachusetts Republican Party is urging people not to vote for one of its state committee candidates this upcoming Super Tuesday election on March 5.

The MassGOP wants people to vote against Lori Kauffman, a Boston resident running for GOP state committeewoman in the First Suffolk District, because Kauffman has expressed anti-semitic views and support for Adolf Hitler.

Kauffman expressed support for exiling all Jews from the United States this past weekend.

“Don’t forget I’ll likely get voted into office on March 5,” Kauffman posted on the social media site formerly known as Twitter on Sunday, February 25. “Long term goals are to ban same sex marriage (never should have been legalized) and trans will be illegal. Yes illegal. I will also exile all Jews.”

She also publicly praised Adolf Hitler on Tuesday.

“Yeah, Hitler was based,” she posted on the social media site formerly known as Twitter on February 27. “Too bad the Jews lied to you about the entire narrative of WW2 why don’t you look into it.”

“Based,” in this context, is a slang term.

“A word used when you agree with something; or when you want to recognize someone for being themselves, i.e. courageous and unique or not caring what others think,” the term means, according to Urban Dictionary. “Especially common in online political slang.”

The MassGOP condemned Kauffman’s social media posts, saying in a press release:


On December 15, 2023, upon learning of Lori Kauffman’s emergence, the Republican State Committee took immediate and decisive action by unanimously passing a resolution condemning Ms. Kauffman’s statements and urging her not to run for state committee. 

It’s important to note that State Committee positions are subject to public election, and as such, the MassGOP lacks authority to prevent Ms. Kauffman from pursuing candidacy. We urge the residents of the First Suffolk District to vote against this candidate.

Ms. Kauffman’s reprehensible rhetoric has no place within the Republican Party or in the broader American political dialogue. The MassGOP unequivocally denounces her vile language and has taken every measure within its capacity to disassociate from Ms. Kauffman.


And here is what the resolution said, according to The Boston Broadside:


In light of the persistent surge of antisemitism at home and abroad, the Massachusetts Republican Committee strongly condemns the prejudiced and antisemitic statements made by Lori Kauffman. Recognizing that such repugnant views are directly against the values of the Republican Party, the Committee takes a decisive stand against hatred and bigotry.

“Therefore, be it resolved that the Massachusetts Republican Party unequivocally condemns the prejudiced and antisemitic statements made by Lori Kauffman; Resolved that the Massachusetts Republican Party Strongly Urges that Lori Kauffman withdraw her candidacy for Republican State Committee.”

 This resolution reflects the party’s commitment to maintaining an inclusive political environment and sends a clear message that any form of discrimination has no place in the Massachusetts Republican Party.


Kauffman is running against Elizabeth Hinds-Ferrick, an immigrant from Guyana who currently serves as the assistant director at the state Department of Transitional Assistance, according to Universal Hub.

The First Suffolk District includes various parts of Boston, including South Boston, Dorchester, South End, Chinatown, Bay Village, Back Bay, and Roxbury. It includes:


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