The Bungling Senator From Massachusetts

Big government advocate, thy name is Ed Markey.

Markey’s big on protecting … er … using the environment as an excuse for government intrusion.

He was the U.S. Senate Sponsor of the Green New Deal. Yes, the one proposed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with resolutions such as “meeting 100 percent of the power demand of the United States through clean, renewable, and zero-emission energy sources.”

That’s insane, and we said so at the time. But we also pointed out the unstated goals of the bill.

Is all this centrally planned disruption necessary? No matter what effects human beings may or may not be having on climate, why would we rush to destroy our way of life? 

That’s what the Green New Deal would do. But it’s not by accident. Destroying the economy is not an unfortunate byproduct of the alleged solution. It’s the point of the alleged solution. 

In a way, the peril or lack of peril of the planet is irrelevant. For the Green New Deal serves a greater goal.

If This Is Paradise, I Wish I Had A Lawnmower

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Name a big leftist government project, and there’s a good chance Ed Markey will be for it. Let’s go down the list:

Legalizing infanticide?  Check.

Markey Endorses ROE Act Bill, Accepts Early Endorsement from Pro-Abortion Group

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More than doubling the minimum wage?  Check.

Ed Markey:  $15 An Hour Minimum Wage Maybe Isn’t High Enough

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Fine people for wearing masks?  Check.

Fine People For Not Wearing Masks, Ed Markey Says


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Give illegal immigrants Universal Basic Income?  Check.

Ed Markey:  Repeal Bush and Trump Tax Cuts To Give Universal Basic Income To Illegal Immigrants


Endorsing democratic socialists?  Check.

Ed Markey Endorses A Democratic Socialist For Congress

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And, of course …

Crazy environmentalism?

Check, check, checkmate.

Use Unions To Build Wind Projects, Ed Markey Says

Trump Win ‘A Death Sentence for the Planet,’ Ed Markey Says

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There’s no need to guess that Market has big plans for your life — he’ll come out and tell you.

Ed Markey Inverts JFK, Says It’s Time To Ask What The Government Can Do For You

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But Ed Markey isn’t worth covering for his ideas.  No.

What makes Ed Markey worth covering are his how-did-he-get-here deficiencies.

It takes someone really special to propose a bill and then not even vote for it. That is what Markey did for the Green New Deal. What was Markey’s excuse? Mitch McConnell called for a vote on it.

Ed Markey Won’t Vote for His Own Green New Deal Resolution

Ed Markey:  U.S. Senate Vote on Green New Deal Resolution ‘Republican Trick’

Markey Votes ‘Present’ On His Own Green New Deal Resolution; Says United States Must Lead To Get China and India To Follow

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Or how about calling Amy Coney Barrett’s constitutional originalism “racist,” sexist,” and “homophobic”?

Ed Markey Calls Amy Coney Barrett’s Originalism ‘Racist,’ ‘Sexist,’ ‘Homophobic’ … ‘Just A Fancy Word for Discrimination’

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The idiocy Ed Markey puts consistently on display is amusing. In fact, Ed Markey brightens our day more than most conservatives would like to admit.

Sure, he’s a panderer. Yes, he supported a constitutional amendment to ban abortion when he first ran for Congress before his “conscience” eventually demanded that he endorse Planned Parenthood and the ROE Act abortion expansion bill.

But gosh, he’s so much fun.

Like that time in 2017 when he used left-wing-blogs’ conspiracy theories when he falsely claimed a grand jury in New York was investigating President Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia.

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Or the time he made up his own history of the American Revolution during a political event near Downtown Crossing.


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When it comes to making nonsensical statements in public, our 70-something-year-old junior senator stands out. The Massachusetts Republican Party should consider funding an Ed Markey Channel on cable television – a continuous loop of Markeyisms for the people of Massachusetts to learn from and enjoy.

If we have to have a looney-toons U.S. senator from Massachusetts – and let’s face it, we do – then it might as well be this looney-toons U.S. senator.

The other one resembles a bad character from a fairy tale.


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