Koy brings traditional Korean food with a modern twist to Boston

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Boston has only a few Korean restaurants. Now Korean food lovers can enjoy the fusion styles of Koy, a restaurant across from Boston’s Fanueil Hall located at 16 North Street.

Catarina Chang runs Koy with along with her father and brother. Food has always been important to her family and Catarina felt that their restaurant would fill a niche in the market.

“A lot of people think that Asian provides a ‘no name’ service filled with unhealthy food. That’s why we wanted to create a more upscale and stylish environment,” Catarina said.

The restaurant opened its doors in December 2014 and features selections for both lunch and dinner.  Both menus are filled with fresh ingredients for traditional Korean dishes like Korean Dumplings and Bibimbap (a hot stone dish filled with rice, seasonal vegetables, fried egg, chili paste and marinated beef bulgogi); and modern twists like the Kimchi Burger and the very popular Cheese Steak Dumplings (filled with pastrami, swiss, Kimchi, Korean pepper flake mayonnaise, and scallions).

If you are looking for a great summer cocktail drink, the Soju Sangria is a refreshing mix of Korean Chumchurum Soju, soho lychee, aloe, lemon, and Mionetto prosecco.

But if you must go for only one dish, the Master Chang’s Chicken won’t disappoint! Chicken can be a difficult meat to make, but Koy does an amazing job at picking the right pieces, then double dips them in tempura, and wraps them in a “sweet and tangy” garlic chili sauce with black roasted sesame seeds.

Koy is your place if you love Korean food or if you are looking for something new and unique in Boston.

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