Don’t Read This … Unless You Want People To Die

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People will die. 

That’s the message coming from U.S. Senator Max Hyperbole (R-North Carolina). 

Except Hyperbole is not a senator — he’s actually a parody of other prominent politicians, like Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. He’s one of several characters created by Arab-American comedian Remy Munasifi, whose parody video on titled — you guessed it — “People Will Die” — has garnered more than 250,000 views in two days. The video, created by Remy and produced by ReasonTV, intersperses clips of Remy’s dreamed-up characters with actual left-wing politicians. It is difficult to distinguish Remy’s rhetoric with that of our elected lawmakers — that’s the beauty of his video.

“These cuts are blood money,” a C-SPAN clip of Warren speaking from the Senate floor indicates, as the drumbeat picks up. “People will die.”

Remy at one point plays the role of thoughtful observer:

“Why not weigh all the costs — the effects, the results? Empathize with each other as if we were adults. Use our brains to craft arguments, not vilify. See that freedom’s a trade-off.”


“You want people to die!” counters a made-up Democratic lawmaker.

Here are some of the latest talking points coming from prominent Democrats: