Letter To Our Irish Kinsmen:  Cromwell Would Be Against the Eighth Amendment, Too

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My parents never forgot their Irish roots.  Their callused hands have long-since disappeared from this earth, but their spirit still beats strongly – within us.

When they boarded that tender in Cobh to be ferried to a British ocean liner for an Atlantic crossing, calmly — but firmly — they were admonished, “Keep the Faith.” They did. 

Embedded in their souls were the words of those 10 Commandments taught to them in their thatched-roof homes. The first of these was, “Thou shalt not have any gods before me.”  They never did – even with many setbacks including the sudden death of an infant child.  Bridget and John knew they were only giving back to God His creation.

Their breed has courage and their history was replete with it. They would tell stories of the black-and-tans, the English soldiers who would line up a suspected rebel against a haystack and send him to eternity by way of a bullet. 

A broad back and a hard day’s work was their offering for the going wage. These Irish were cheap labor, pure and simple – but far from being lazy.  If the male breadwinner had the body bulk to get on the police force, he did. My mother’s brother, Patrick, was one such, and he not only gained respect, but he could bring home the food to feed eight children.  As was the case with our immediate family, four of them would later serve in wartime with the U.S. military. Loyalty was an integral part of the Irish DNA.  Bridget’s sister Mary would lose a son in World War II, whose remains now lie on the floor of that Atlantic they crossed to get here. His death was the result of a Nazi torpedo. R.I.P., Maurice Callahan.

Who could possibly not visualize the blood-thirsty English soldiers tossing little ones into the air and spearing them for sport – and not get a nauseous feeling? Yet, Sir Charles Cooke in ravaging Wicklow in Ireland said he liked “such frolics.”

How different is Sir Charles from Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood?  And a corollary:  Why would today’s Irish voters choose once again to sanction basically the same type of brutality?

This is what is before Irish voters on Friday, May 25, when they weigh whether to repeal an amendment to the Republic of Ireland constitution that guarantees the right to live for unborn babies.

And if they do it, they’ll be doing the bidding of foreign interests, to boot.

While self-hating Catholics are evident in politics and even inside the Church, George Soros is a self-hating Jew who is very powerful.  Possessing billions, he and his family are major abortion supporters on the world stage. During the Nazi terror in Europe the last century, his family was responsible for selling out many of his fellow religionists, and they perished in those notorious Nazi death camps. The Soros sights are now on Ireland.

Soros is funding efforts to repeal the 8th Amendment of the Irish constitution in a continuation of a sick and perverse use of his money and power. He must not succeed.  His perversion is no better signaled to us – maybe Providentially — in that Soros spelled backwards is still Soros.  His direction points only toward evil.  God Protect Ireland!  And at this crossroad in the Irish story, many understandably are praying for the miraculous intervention of Our Lady of Knock.

The arguments in favor of expending all our energies to protect innocent human life are boundless – in all facets of our human and humane existence. Our opponents’ claims to the contrary are firmly embedded in lies and deceit. The human being is clearly the most valuable creation in all of existence – bar none. And from that launching pad, protecting it is not only possible – but mandated.

Each of us in in the human species, and each started as only a single cell – ONE SINGLE CELL. All that was necessary was that two conditions be met:  that sufficient time be allowed – and that we be able to stay in the same location. Quite simple:  our mother’s womb was the locale, and 6 to 9 months had to be allowed.

Arguments for allowing these two conditions to be interfered with are specious – and SINFUL. The Irish Constitution currently protects the life of the pre-born child, as well as his or her mother. To vote to repeal the pro-life amendment is to tell the world that we of Irish blood are no different from our people’s persecutors of old.

We are turning our backs on the story of a society which has a history of being targeted — but had a steely faith that God was Supreme. Protect the innocents.

How different are those who would vote Yes to repeal Article 8 from the soldiers who threw the babies in the air and pierced them with spears?

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

To my Irish kinsmen:  A vote for the babies is a vote for Ireland.

Erin go bragh.


R.T. Neary lives near Boston. His parents emigrated to Massachusetts from County Roscommon.