Matt McDonald

Matt McDonald was born in Brighton and grew up in Watertown.  He has spent most of his life in the general area of Boston. He has worked for six newspaper organizations and several magazines, mostly as a reporter, but also as a copy editor and editor, among other things. His work has appeared in The Mashpee Messenger, Cape Cod News, and The Norfolk Boomerang.

Items by Matt McDonald

Fraternities and Sororities Sue Harvard Over Anti-Single-Sex Policy

Why You Don’t See Flagmen in Massachusetts

Anybody Remember Boston’s Thanksgiving Parade?

Lion’s Share of Teachers’ Union Dues Don’t Stay With Local Unions,
Pioneer Study Says

Airbnb Sues Boston Over Restrictions on Short-Term Rentals

How Saturday Night Live Apology Can Help Change America

Feds:  Dominican National Used Fraudulent U.S. Passport To Get Federal Benefits

Massachusetts Voters Uphold Bathroom Bill –
No on Question 3 Loses

Pro-Yes-on-3 Ad Agency Alters Ad After Objections From Opponents of Gender-Identity Law

Christians, Jews Link Arms in Prayer Before High School Soccer Game

What Happened at Woburn Target?
Murky Bathroom Encounter Roils Question 3 Campaign

UMass Officials:  Our Bathrooms and Locker Rooms Will Stay Transgender Regardless of Question 3 Outcome

To Wax or Not To Wax: 
Question 3 Radio Debate on
Gender Identity Puts Transgender Beauty Spa Case Front and Center

Red Sox Shafting of Schilling Shows Ownership’s True Colors

Diehl Presses Attack on Warren at ‘Bern’ Rotary, Calls For Apology

Hey Senator Warren:  Where’s Bern?

Diehl, Warren Tangle in Sharp Debate

Green, Trahan Clash on College Costs, Immigration in Debate

Waxing Case Flares Up In Massachusetts Gender-Identity Law Debate

Diehl Says Warren Soft on Immigration, Cops

Pro-Gender-Identity-Law Yes-on-3 Campaign Releases First Video Ad

Possible $50,000 Penalty For Gender-Identity Law Violations, Question 3 Opponent Says

Possible $50,000 Penalty For Repeatedly Violating Massachusetts Gender Identity Law, No-on-Question-3 Advocate Says

Justice System Racist?
AG Healey: Yes
GOP’s McMahon: No

Nine-Time Deportee Sentenced To Federal Prison in Boston

Predicting Brett Kavanaugh’s Chances

Pro-Abortion Left-Wingers Rally Against Kavanaugh at Boston City Hall Plaza

Transgender Customer Demanded ‘Full Brazilian’ From Beauty Salon Under Massachusetts Gender Identity Law

Kavanaugh Flatly Denies Accusations, Gets Personal in Emotional Television Interview

‘Bathroom Bill’ Opponents Release Ad Highlighting Fears About Sex Offenders

Jay Gonzalez Taps the Awesomeness of Anti-Harvardness

Lori Trahan Wins Dem Nod in Third Congressional District, Takes Shot At Rick Green

Rick Green Makes Splash With First General Election Ad in Run for Congress

President Charlie Baker?

September 11th As You’ve Never Quite Heard It Before, From Andy Card

Pro-Bathroom Bill Ballot Question Committee Has 35 Times More Money Than Opponents in Massachusetts

Murdered Former Cape Pastor’s Funeral Draws Hundreds

Corporate Campaign Contributions Still Illegal in Massachusetts … For Now

What To Make of Tomorrow’s Massachusetts GOP Primary Results … Before They Happen

How To Read An Ivy League CYA Letter

PETA Renews Request for Roadside Memorial To Lobsters

Moderate Democrat Attacked Over Marriage, Gender Identity Stands

Bombshell Letter Attacking Pope Francis Over McCarrick Also Questions Cardinal O’Malley

Pope Francis Must Resign

Maine Professor:  Union Doesn’t Speak For Me, and Shouldn’t Get My Money

GOP Having Field Day With Elizabeth Warren’s Comments on Immigration, Mollie Tibbetts Murder

Cardinal O’Malley:  I Didn’t Know About McCarrick

Pope Calls for Lay Involvement in Solving Clergy Sex Abuse Disaster

Cardinal O’Malley:  Big Changes Needed in Church

No More Sam:  Somerville Mayor To Abstain From Boston Beer Over Pro-Trump-Tax-Cut Comments

GOP Candidates Take Tongs To Elizabeth Warren – And Save A Little for Each Other

Uncle Ted, Who’s Your Daddy?

Conversion Therapy Ban Fails in Massachusetts Legislature

Three Lies and a Truth:  Long ‘New York’ Article on Elizabeth Warren Cut Down To Size

The Press Isn’t The Enemy of the People; Jim Acosta Is

High Court Ruling on Abortion Counseling Breathes New Life Into Challenging Bans on ‘Conversion Therapy’

Massachusetts Dem:  Bill Clinton Shouldn’t Be Campaigning With Us

Shutting The Back Door:  How One Mother Sees Proposed Ban in Massachusetts on ‘Conversion Therapy’ for Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity

Eight Suggestions for Irish Pro-Lifers After Big Loss

Naked Harvard Student Won’t Be Prosecuted; Cops To Get Two Reviews

Sexual Harassment Is Hardly The Boston Globe’s Only Problem

Marriage-Supporting Graduate Barred From Providence College Campus After Giving Administrator What-For

Elizabeth Warren Says She Won’t Take NRA Money – Not That They’re Offering

Kingston Hits Elizabeth Warren Over Ties To Ousted New York Attorney General

How Much Did Ethics Investigation of Stan Rosenberg Cost?

High School Pulls Plug on Veterans Event Speaker Because of Conservative Views

‘Chappaquiddick’ Addresses Mystery, Unmasks Myth

Pro-Marriage Bulletin Posting Triggers Providence College Students

Bathroom Bill Repealers Release Hard-Hitting Video

Holy Cross To ‘Retire’ Crusader As Mascot and In Logo

Governor Baker Didn’t Know About $100,000 Bathroom

Harvard Attacks Christian Group for Acting Like Christians

Entrepreneur Rick Green Says He’ll Empower Voters The Way He Has His Customers

Political Science Hacks Create Totally Fair and Unbiased Ranking of U.S. Presidents

Galvin:  Trump Administration ‘Sabotaging’ Massachusetts Through Are-You-A-Citizen Query in Census

Five Lessons From the Holy Cross Crusader Victory

Dr. Seuss Museum Channels Its Inner Taliban

Fired Newspaper Editor Shows How To Save America

Does Our Country Have To Be A Profanity-hole?

Cape Cod Assembly Rejects Anti-Immigration-Enforcement Resolution

Orrin Hatch’s Finest Hour

Six Good Things About Cardinal Law

Lifeline To Oppressed Easthampton Ninth-Graders:  How To Fight The Power and Stay Cool

Brown To Self-Identify As Diverse

Public Funding of Abortion To Remain In Massachusetts

Christian Culture in New England?  New College Center Seeking To Spread The Word

Church of England Leader Can’t Understand Why Christians in America Support Donald Trump?  Here’s Why, Your Grace

Don’t Worry, New Hampshire Women, Bill Clinton’s Got Your Back on This One

Steve Bannon Says He’ll Put ‘Good Money’ Toward Proving New Hampshire Was Stolen From Trump

Are You An Uzbekistan Terrorist?  Here’s An Online Application To Come To The United States, In Your Native Language

Massachusetts Senate Gutting Statutory Rape?  Key Legislator Says No, But Family Advocate Wary of Bill

Another Massachusetts Bishop Shifts Policy on Signature Gathering for Abortion-Funding Petition

Cardinal O’Malley Shifts Course on Signature Gathering for Anti-Abortion-Funding Petition at Churches

Baseball Literacy and the Health of A Nation

Connecticut Professor: Repeal the Second Amendment

Pro-Lifers To Cardinal O’Malley:  Stop Betraying Us

Someone Tells Harvard No – It’s About Time

White Supremacist Horse Shows What Confederate Statues Mess Is Really All About

Signs of the Times: Images from Counter-Protest on Boston Common

‘Free Speech’ Rally Counter-Protest Turns Ugly, Targets Rally Goers, Cops

We Are Not Going To Change the Name of Faneuil Hall

How Dumb Is Silicon Valley?

Aussies To Jews: Why Don’t You Go Away? You’re Too Dangerous

R.I.P., Charlie Gard, Martyr To His Own Best Interests

Human Chain Beach Heroes Helped Save A Family; Maybe They Can Help Save A Nation

A Declaration Worth Declaiming

Can Seniors Joining Service Wear Military Insignia To High School Graduation? School Officials Say No

Grim Consequences for Middlebury College Rioters

Lock Her Up

First Kill All the Heroes

A Day Without Yale

Five Free Family-Friendly Places To Visit in Massachusetts During April Vacation (and Beyond)

Top Five Crayon Colors Crayola Should Have Tossed

Campaign Finance Complaint Filed Against ICE-Raid-Leaking State Rep

‘Crusader’ Is Not the Problem; ‘Holy Cross’ Is the Problem

The Southie St. Patrick’s Day Parade Battle Is Over … Or Is It?

Help! The Internet Just Lied To Me

Charlie To Planned Parenthood:  I’ve Got Your Back

What’s the Difference Between Ed Markey and Donald Trump?

There’s No Such Thing As Presidents Day — So Stop Saying It, Already

The Struggles at Two Boston High Schools: Will Axing Teachers Fix the Problems?

Elizabeth Warren: A Great Way To Get Ready For Lent

Looking for Trumpism in all the Wrong Places

If Trump Is From Mars, His Enemies Are From Pluto

Take Bribes, Keep Pension?

Vice President Mike Pence To Speak At March for Life in Washington

Hughes Wins Re-Election As Massachusetts GOP Chairman

Drinks Are On Bobby

Church/State Flap Nixes School Chorus Easter Appearance at Italian Basilica

Pro-Life Is Pro-Choice

Demagogues Need Not Apply

Ode To Barry

Biotech Firm Can Now Buy State Land in Worcester

The Troubling Record of Jeff Sessions

$15 An Hour An Albatross, Some Businesses Say

Boston Meter Maid Supervisors Shafted By Sex Discrimination, Union Says

Horrors of the Courtroom Lead Stenographer To Seek Disability Pension

All The News That’s Fit To Fake

You Are the Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

The Holiday That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Not so fast: Massachusetts AG office says churches not always exempt from ‘bathroom bill’

Et Tu, Maura? Attorney General pulls plug on equality, tells transgender people to hold it

New chief of NewBostonPost makes rash promises, unreasonable demands

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